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1 the state of being total; "appalled by the totality of the destruction" [syn: entirety, entireness]
2 the quality of being complete and indiscriminate; "the totality of war and its consequences"; "the all-embracing totality of the state"
3 the whole amount [syn: sum, total, aggregate]

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  1. the state of being total
  2. an aggregate quantity obtained by addition
  3. the phase of an eclipse when it is total


the state of being total
  • Romanian: totalitate

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Copernican universe, Einsteinian universe, Newtonian universe, Ptolemaic universe, aggregate, all, all being, all creation, all hands, all the world, allness, alpha and omega, be-all and end-all, beginning and end, collectivity, completeness, complex, comprehensiveness, cosmos, created nature, created universe, creation, embodiment, entireness, entirety, every man Jack, everybody, everyone, everything that is, exhaustiveness, expanding universe, form, fullness, holism, inclusiveness, intactness, integer, integrality, integration, integrity, macrocosm, macrocosmos, megacosm, metagalaxy, nature, omneity, omnipresence, one and all, oneness, organic unity, pervasiveness, plenum, pulsating universe, sidereal universe, solidarity, solidity, steady-state universe, sum of things, sum total, system, thoroughness, total, total approach, totality of being, tout le monde, ubiquity, unity, universality, universe, whole, whole wide world, wholeness, wide world, world, world without end
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